My name is Leslie Shockley and I strive to live a zero waste lifestyle.  Tea With Iris is a business that I started in 2010 to promote this goal by making products from upcycled and organic materials. It is also a way for me share information on native and edible gardening, composting, and simple zero waste tips.

Defining moments that influenced my decision to start Tea With Iris: 

  • growing up in the Cahuilla Hills in Palm Desert; where as a kid the open desert and surrounding mountains was my playground, inspired me to want to be an environmental steward 
  • earning a BA in Biology at California State University, Fullerton while being involved in the university’s environmental conservation group
  • working with the California State Park’s habitat restoration program during college strengthened my desire to work towards promoting native gardens
  • working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Southeast Asia where I lived in a rural island community and experienced first hand what it is like to live in tune with the natural resources and  to deal directly with the waste we create
  • becoming a mother made me want to become more proactive in living a healthy lifestyle;  “walking the talk” with my daughter is so gratifying as she grows to love and respect nature and practices environmental stewardship in her daily routine

Who is Iris?  Iris is our desert tortoise that we adopted from the Living Desert and she is the ultimate sustainable member of our family, living off the native desert plants in our garden